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Best fishing trap aroundCommercial size Smallest size when collapsedPatent Pending

Quality workmanship Durable carrying bagAll Stainless steel construction


In the summer of 2004, I and some good buddies were looking to buy crab traps in the quaint seaside town of Sidney, British Columbia. We had three criteria. We all lived on our sail boats and were looking for a collapsing trap, as space is a premium, made of stainless steel so it wouldn't bleed rust onto our decks; and, above all, it had to fish well.

There were ten stores in the small town that sold crab traps. Not one had what we were looking for. The traps were either too big to store, too small or rectangular in shape. It is well known fact in the crabbing community that the bigger the better and crabs don't do square. Just look at a commercial trap; they are not designed that way for economy of production or storage.

Stymied, I immediately set about building a better crab trap. Within days I had a prototype that I splashed into the waters off Sidney Spit, a local crabbing hot spot. I pulled the pot after a couple of hours and there they were- our dinner, 3 large crabs, the first catch of the Flex Fold Trap.

Its been 9 years since those first traps hit the water and there have been small improvements along the way. There are about 10,000 Flex Fold Traps fishing in the Pacific Northwest presently and I have been greatly appreciative of all the people that email in and tell me how much they love their traps. This year we introduced the Flex Fold Prawn Trap and it is creating the same stir that the Crab Trap did.

If you already own a Flex Fold Trap I am sure you will love it. I have had a lot of fun designing it and of course we can't help but enjoy the rewards of testing it's fishing capabilities.

Mark Philbrook


What about the Competition?

There are other folding (and non-folding) traps out there that claim equal success to the Flex Fold Trap. Some are rectangular with the crab opeing on the top and some are pyramid with mesh that the crabs must climb up.

I will give you some links to some underwater video that demonstates quite clearly the frustration crabs have when they encounter these type of trap.

Click here for top entrance trap.

Click here for mesh ramp in tunnel trap.



- All Stainless Steel (304) construction
- Superior round design
- Three entrances for super fast fishing
- Heavy gates
- Deep set/fast current capable
- Assembles larger than non-collapsing traps
- Collapses smaller than all other traps
- Durable carry bag included
- Bridle with SS fittings included
- Laminated instruction sheet (a must read)
- Cinch strap for ease of collapsing
- Heavy durable polyester netting
- Meets BC/AK/WA/OR/CA fishing regulations
- One year warranty




Each trap is individually handcrafted to ensure that the highest standards are met. Based on discussion with the experts, the trap is made of 304 stainless steel.

For easy access, I have designed gates that are heavy and swing easily.

I use black knotted polyester mesh for the netting. Commercial traps use stainless steel wire for the mesh because they endure years of constant abuse. The polyester mesh will certainly stand up to anything a sport fishing enthusiast will throw at it in several seasons and allows for the trap to collapse into its compact size. Replacement netting is available though I have yet to sell one, a testament it's longevity.

I have made the trap to meet fishing standards but before deploying the trap make sure it complies with fishing regulations in your area. Make sure you have a current fishing license as well.

Fish responsibly!


Assembled...... width - 32" / height - 13"
Collapsed........ width - 17" / height - 2"


The Flex Fold Crab Traps are sold with the bridle and carry bag. Please inquire at the dealer of your choice for pricing. Follow this link to find a dealer near you. If there is not a dealer near you, please contact us directly.