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Best fishing trap aroundCommercial size Smallest size when collapsedPatent Pending

Quality workmanship Durable carrying bagAll Stainless steel construction

1. Releasing frames

Press down firmly on the escape ring (3) ,see left hand

Grip upper hoop (1) with other hand, as shown, and jerk upwards while using thumb to lever against top of hanger


5. Collapsing trap

Of the half having two adjoining frames, fold one of them on top of the netting

While pressing down on waist, twist the upper half to form a figure 8


2. Parking:Gates and Hangers

Helps prevent net from getting caught up.

Swing hangers (6) and clip into upper frame

With side and down pressure lever the gate spreader bar (4) under the left side of the frame

Repeat on other frames


6. Collapsing con't

While still pressing down on waist, fold top of the figure 8 over to meet the bottom- closing it like a clamshell

While pressing down on waist, twist the upper half to form a figure 8


3. Preparing to collapse

Lay upper hoop (1) onto lower hoop (2)

Adjust frames as shown

Feed bobble buttons (11) through the netting of the upper and lower hoops at the cable ties

Push bobble buttons through button holes

Tug to ensure bobble is secure


7. Collapsing con't

While holding the trap firmly, fold the other two frames onto the trap.


Note: Frames will swing and nest easier with the hinge loops (12) facing down. See website for further explanation


4. Cinching the trap

Pull cinch strap towards you

Simultaneously, use other hand to push trap towards the buckl

Pull until all the strap passes through buckle

Place cinch strap tail to one side so it does not get tangled



8. Final steps

Hold trap shut with one hand

Wrap tail of cinch strap around collapsed trap

Pull cinch strap tight and fasten the snap

Place trap in bag


Enjoy your catch!