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Best fishing trap aroundCommercial size Smallest size when collapsedPatent Pending

Quality workmanship Durable carrying bagAll Stainless steel construction

Description of Elements:
1. Upper hoop
2. Lower hoop
3. Plastic mesh
4. Gate (Spreader)
5. Side of frame
6. Hanger
7. Round guide
8. Lift point
9. Top of frame
10. Cinch Strap/Cam buckle
11. Bobble button

4. Preparing frames

Raise a frame (5) to a vertical position

Lever gate spreader (4) to opposite side of frame (5). It will automatically drop into position

Unclip hangers (6) and swing inward toward the trap



1. To begin

Place trap on flat surface; frames (5) facing upwards

Hold hoops together, opposite the buckle (10) on the cinch strap
(see right hand)

Using other hand, undo snap and unwrap strap

Continue to hold; fold out two frames



5. Securing frames

Lift upper hoop (1) onto the L-shape of the hanger; frame (5) must be inside the bungee cord (7)

Snap into position on both sides

Repeat with other frames



2. Unfolding trap

Hold hoops firmly with one hand and, using the other hand, separate the upper half as if you were opening a clam shell

Open up fully into figure 8 shape

Use caution as it will want to spring open






6. Trap is assembled: Next steps

Attach bridle and lift line to lift points (8)

Clip the bait container to the center bottom of the trap

Congratulations and good luck!!



3. Removing cinch strap

Release the cinch strap (10) slowly by feeding strap through plastic buckle

Once the trap forms a circle, remove the cinch strap by undoing the bobble buttons

Fold out remaining frame



7. Gone Fishing

To empty the crabs from the trap remove one frame and gently shake them out.








Product made in China